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4 Day Summer Residential Camps

Our residential camps run across two weeks of the summer and have grown in popularity since we started them back in 2013. We believe the success comes down to the locations and facilities that we have on offer here at Pocklington School alongside our 1 to 8 Coaching Ratio and emphasis of making sure that every player who attends a BYAS ACADAMY Camp leaves with a better technical understanding then when they arrived.

Our 2018 Camp will follow a competitive theme where players are divided into different competing nations. Those nations will then take part in a variety of activities during the camp.  Each player in the winning nation will then receive a prize.

Camp Content: 

  • Core Skill Analysis featuring Video Feedback
  • Physical Conditioning Workshop
  • Conditioned Games to Improve Tactical Awareness
  • 11 a Side and 6 a Side Match Play
  • Individual verbal appraisal  for each player
  • ‘BYAS ACADAMY Got Talent’ Team Competition
  • Skills Test to assess players technical ability and point out areas for development.

All players will receive Byas Academy Adidas branded sports kit at the start of each camp.